A Pilgrim Tour to Holyland, Jordan, Israel,Palestine and Egypt





12 days


A Pilgrim Tour to the Holy Land is a journey of spiritual significance for  followers of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. The region includes several countries with historical and religious significance, such as Jordan, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt. Here’s a brief overview of what you might expect on such a pilgrimage:

  1. Jordan: Your pilgrimage may start in Jordan, which is home to various biblical sites and historical landmarks. Some of the key places you might visit include:
  • Mount Nebo: Believed to be the spot where Moses saw the Promised Land before he died.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan: The baptism site of Jesus by John the Baptist.
  • Petra: Though not a biblical site, this ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a fascinating historical experience.
  1. Israel: Israel is the heart of the Holy Land and is filled with numerous religious sites important to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam:
  • Jerusalem: The holy city revered by all three Abrahamic religions. Key sites include the Western Wall (Wailing Wall), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock.
  • Bethlehem: The birthplace of Jesus, where you’ll find the Church of the Nativity.
  • Nazareth: The town where Jesus spent his childhood and the site of the Annunciation.
  • Sea of Galilee: An important location in Jesus’ ministry, with sites like Capernaum and the Mount of Beatitudes.
  1. Palestine: Palestine, particularly the West Bank, holds religious significance for Christianity and Islam:
  • Jericho: Considered one of the oldest inhabited cities and the site of Joshua’s famous biblical battle.
  • Hebron: Home to the Cave of the Patriarchs, a sacred site for both Jews and Muslims.
  • Nablus: Houses Jacob’s Well, an important site in Christian tradition.
  1. Egypt: Though primarily known for its ancient history, Egypt also has some relevance to the Abrahamic faiths:
  • Mount Sinai: The traditional site where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
  • Cairo: Home to the famous Al-Azhar Mosque, a significant center of Islamic learning.

As a pilgrim, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these sacred sites, participate in religious ceremonies, and connect with the deep spiritual history of the region. We can ensure a safe and meaningful experience throughout your journey. Keep in mind that the political situation in some areas can be sensitive, so staying informed about travel advisories is crucial for your safety.

Tour cost:
– Amount Payable by Per Pax: Rs. 1,66,000/– * ( All incl of 5%GST &5% TCS )
– Advance Rs. 50% at the time of booking balance 50% 60 days prior to departure
Canara Bank A/C Details:
Account Number: 12000 111 7909
Account Holder Name: Ants Vacations
IFS Code: CNRB0006410
Payment by all modes: Cheque/NEFT/UPI/CREDIT CARD/DEBIT CARD


Conditions for Registration for the Pilgrims:
➢ Passport & PAN Card
➢ Advance amount of 50% to be paid at the time of booking. Balance 60 days prior travel date.
➢ Signed Booking form
➢ Passport with minimum validity of 6months from the date reaching in India

Flight Details:
1 WY 202G 17NOV F BOMMCT HK48 1030 1155 /E
2 WY 413G 17NOV F MCTAMM HK48 1405 1710 /E
3 WY 406G 27NOV M CAIMCT HK48 1845 0035 28NOV T /E
4 WY 201G 28NOV T MCTBOM HK48 0230 0640 /E

The total package cost to be paid by 17th of September 2023


  •  Return Airfare Ex- Mumbai by Oman Airways.
  • Airport taxes, and Govt Service taxes.
  •  3*, 4 *& 5* Hotel Accommodation.
  •  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary
  • All the relevant entrance fees included in Israel, Egypt & Amman
  •  All in luxury a/c vehicle with English speaking govt. licensed guide
  • Israel, Egypt & Jordan Visa
  •  Israel, Egypt & Jordan Border taxes
  • Service of 1 ANTS Tour Manager
  •  Service of 1 Pastor
  •  Tips, Porterage to Guide & Driver
  •  Travel Insurance up to 69Yrs (only for citizen holding Indian Passport)
  • The cost of Passport.
  • Additional meals other than specified in the itinerary and also food & drinks not forming part of group menus.
  • Laundry, beverages,telephone charges, and anything which is notincluded in the cost includes
  • Coffee, tea in the evening.

Tour Plan

17th Nov 2023 -Day 01-Amman Arrive Amman. Meet by our representative. Then complete the customs & immigration formalities. Transfer to hotel.
18th Nov 2023 -Day 02- Amman – Mt. Nebo After Breakfast, Check out Hotel Proceed to Mount Nebo : The trip south of Amman along the 5,000 years old King’s Highway is one ofthe most memorable journeys in theHoly Land, passing through a string of ancient sitesof Jordan, the memorial ofMoses, and the presumed site ofthe prophet's death and burial place. From a platform in front ofthe church one can enjoy a breath taking view across theJordan Valley andtheDeadSea. VisitMadaba Church. Lunch at Restaurant. Afternoon proceed to Amman City Tour. Visit Citadel & Roman Theatre. Dinner & Overnight.
19th Nov 2023 - Day 03 –: Amman – Nazareth – Cana Afterbreakfast,ProceedtoSheikHusseinBridgetocrosstheborder(02Hrs30min).Completethecustoms& emigrationformalities.Enter intoIsrael.Lunch. VisitNazareththeboyhoodtownofJesusandhomeofMary and Joseph and visit the Basilica of the Annunciation built over the grotto where Archangel Gabriel appeared to announce that she would bear a son, Jesus. We also stop by Joseph'sworkshop Visit Cana where Jesus performed his firstMiracle, changingwater intowineatthewedding feast.Dinner&Overnight at hotel in Nazareth/ Tiberias.
20th Nov 2023 - Day 04-: Sea of Galilee - Capernaum–Jordan River - Bethlehem AfterBreakfast,VisitMount Tabor. VisitCapernaum - the centreof Jesus'ministry afterhe left Nazarethwe stopat Tabgha-theChurchoftheMultiplicationoftheFiveLoavesandTwoFishesandtheexpressivechurch of the Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. This morning we drive through the landscapes ofGalilee and later fora ride ina replicaof aGalileanfishing boatofthattime, ontheSea ofGalilee and whereJesuscalmed thestormandwalkedonthewater.Wemakea stopatSt.Peter'shouse,theChurchof PrimacyofPeterandtheplace where JesusbestowedSt.Peterwithhisauthority. Thisis believedtobethe place where Jesus dined with his disciples, the flat rock known as Mensa Christy, Chris's table to commemoratethisevent.VisitYardeniton theJordanRiver,thetraditionalBaptismalsite.Proceedto Bethlehem.Freetimeforshopping.LaterCheckin hotel.Dinner.OvernightatHotelinBethlehem
21st Nov 2023 - Day 05 –: Old City of Jerusalem–Golgotha–Wailing Wall - Jericho - Dead Sea AfterBreakfast. Then proceed to the poolsofBeitHasda,where Jesus held the crippled man.And from there we take the ViaDolorosa (Way ofGrief),traditionally accepted as the last route trodden by Jesus. Follow the 14Stationsofthe Cross to Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified marking significant events along the route. You will see the Pilate'sJudgmentsHall,theChapeloftheFlagellationwhereaccordingtotradition,the Roman soldiers scourged Jesus and placed a crown of thorns on His head the Ecce Homo Arch and the Convent of the Sisters of Zion. Early tradition held that Pontius Pilate stood here and thundered "EcceHomo!" Which means"Beholdtheman?"WhichiswhatPilatesaid whenhepresentedJesustothecrowd.However,wenow knowthat pagan EmperorHadrian constructed the arch.Below the Convent are the Lithotrities where Jesus was publicly tried and where the Roman soldiers mocked him. The last 5 Stations of the Cross are inside the Church oftheHolySepulcher visiblefrom the distancewithtwo silver domes.Also "The Tomb"widelybelieved to be thepartofthestonethatcoveredJesusTomb.VisittheCenacle–LastSupperRoom, thetomb ofKingDavid and – (the other upper room). Precede to Jericho where we stop visit the Sycamore Tree it is also the place where Jesus stopped on this way to Jerusalem, on the Eve of the Passover and were Jesus cured the blind man duringhisstayatZachaeushouse.Lunch.ProceedtoDeadSea,thelowestpointonearth(1305ft.belowsea level), again make a brief stop at a private beach and take the opportunity to float in the salty water, rich in minerals. Proceed to Bethany .Visit Bethany the Town of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Visit Lazarus’s Tomb. Then we go to to the Wailing Wall,which is theholiest place for the Jewish religion.Back to hotel.Dinner and Overnight at hotel.
22nd Nov May 2023 - Day 06 –: Ein Karem - Mount of Olives - Gethsemane- Bethlehem Breakfast...VisitEinKarem,Locatedonthehillsnexttoalittlespring. ThisisthecityofJudahandBirthplace ofJohn theBaptist,sonofElizabeth&Zechariah.ProceedtoMountofOlivesforapanoramicviewof Jerusalem. Visit sanctuaries of Pater Nester Ascension. Walk along the Palm Sunday road down to the chapel of Dorminous Flevit whereJesusweptovereminentdestructionofJerusalemandGardenofGethsemane. Where JesusprayedwhileJudahbetrayedhimtotheRomans.VisittheBasilicaofagonyandTombofSt. Mary.We alsowillvisittheChurchofSt.Peterof Gallicantu,whichsymbolizesPeter'sDenialofJesusashe hasprophesied attheLastSupperandthenvisitthetraditionalhouseofhighpriest,Caiaphas,whereJesus was imprisoned. Then proceedtoBethlehemtovisitthe shepherd’s field,which is located inthe Judah province.Itwasherethatthe AngelannouncedthebirthofJesustotheshepherdsofBethlehemduringthe reignofKingHerod.Also,hereDavid tendedhisflocksuntilhewasanointedKingofIsrael.Lunch.Wethen visittheChurchofNativity-thebirthplaceof JesusandtheCityofDavid,ManagerSquare;Crusaders Cloister Grotto of St. Jerome. Then we visit Milk Grotto. Dinner and Overnight Hotel.
23rd Nov May 2023 - Day 07 –: Bethlehem - Taba After breakfast, Check-out Hotel. Proceed to Taba. (5 hours’ drive) Arrive Taba. Finish the Customs and Emigration formalities at the Israel side. Enter into Egypt. Complete the emigration and customs formalities. Check-in hotel. Lunch atHotelRestaurant. Free Time. Dinner andOvernight athotel inTaba.
24th Nov 2023 - Day 08 –: Taba - Sinai - St.Catherine Monastery – Sharm El Sheikh Breakfastathotel.Check-outHotel. ThenproceedtoSinai.Viewthebeautifuland historicalSinaiMountains. Visit St. Catherine Monastery. Set beneath the mountain where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. Saint Catherine Monastery has been one of the world’s great centers of religious pilgrimage for over fifteen centuries. Within its imposing walls rests a citadel like no other, incredibly rich in important religious and historical structures. Among its treasures is a library of ancient manuscripts and icons second only to the Vatican's itself, and a 6th century church reputed to lie directly on the site of the Burning Bush. Quite simply,the monastery is a defining feature of the HolyLand. Proceed to Sharm El Sheikh.Lunch at restaurant. Free Time. Dinner and Overnight at hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.
25th Nov 2023 - Day 09 -: Sharm El Sheikh- Cairo After Breakfast. Proceed to Cairo. On the way to Cairo we cross the famous Suez Canal. Lunch. Arrive Cairo. Then Proceed to the old churches of Cairo the oldest in Egypt originally. Dinner atRestaurant.Overnight at Hotel in Cairo.
26th Nov 2023 - Day 10 -: Cairo After Breakfast check out hotel Proceed on a visit to Pyramids, The Great Pyramid of Giza (also called the Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering whatis now ElGiza, Egypt, and in a historical irony is the oldest oftheSeven Wonders oftheAncient World and the only one that survives substantially intact. It is believed the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) and constructed over a 20 year period concluding around 2551BC. The GreatPyramidwasthetallestman-madestructureintheworldforover3,800 years Sphinx. Then the Visit Pharaonic Village. Lunch. Proceeds to Cruising on the River Nile. Dinner on board. Enjoy the Shows on board Transfer to Hotel. Overnight at hotel.
27th Nov 2023 - Day 11 -: Cairo - Departure Proceed to the Cairo Airport for final departure to Mumbai
28th Nov 2023 - Day 12 -: Mumbai Arrive Mumbai.

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